Jeff Martin

Jeff Martin

About Me

Hi, I am Jeff Martin, welcome to my site.   There are several other Jeff Martin out there - so check out my Page of Other Jeff Martin

I am a Principal Engineer at a company called ClearDATA. My wife and kids live with me in near Austin.

This, the latest version of my site, is intended to include links to all the things I do (that are able to be linked to), any writings I feel like making, any software that I have made that I feel like distributing.

I have considered trying to make this a topic specific blog, on programming, tech and gadgets, or the SCA, but the fact of the matter is that I am interested in all of that and more.  I'll post things that I want to share regardless of the topic and I will try to categorize them appropriately.  If you like what I have to say on only one topic, you should be able to subscribe to only that topic with an RSS feed.   Links and such are better distributed through my social networks, which are easily tracked from my Activity page.

-Jeff Martin