Jeff Martin's List of Other Jeff Martins

This is my list of other Jeff Martin's on the web.  I have divided the list into actual Jeff Martin home pages and Jeff Martin that have requested that I put them on the list, and other pages that include a Jeff Martin that were of interest to me for one reason or another.  When I started this list, the search engines weren't particularly great and often times it could be hard to locate someone you were looking for that had a common name like ours.  Nowadays there are lots of social communities that make it easier to find any particular Jeff Martin based on location, or school, or job or whatever.

If you are a Jeff Martin that wants to be listed here, drop me a note at  I'd like a link back to this page too if you wouldn't mind. If you want to know more about me, then just click the About Me, at the top of the page.

Jeff Martin Businesses

Jeff Martin, Auctioneer
Jeff Martin Auctioneers runs auctions for big equipment out of Brooklyn, Mississippi.

Jeff Martin, Insurance Agent
Here is an independent insurance agent in Texas.

Jeff Martin, Lawyer in OK
Here is a lawyer with our name, their front desk accidentally sent me an email, so I tried out the domain name.

Jeff Martin Homepages

These are Jeff Martin home pages or other pages that various Jeff Martin have requested that I put on the list.

Got an email asking me about my podcast, but I don’t have one. This Jeff Martin does though! And he has a nice domain

Jeff Martin, Apartment Manager
This Jeff sent me a nice email telling me about his site designed to keep his close friends and family up-to-date on what's going on in his and his wife's lives.

Jeff Martin, Artist in Indianapolis, IN
Jeff from Centerline studio contacted me in September, 2007 to be included in the list

Jeff Martin, Artist in Prahran, Victoria, Austrailia
Painter and photographer. He grabbed in Austrailia. Really nice stuff if you get a chance to browse his site.

Jeff Martin, Artist of Ceramics
This Jeff's Webiste has many pictures of his ceramics artwork.

Jeff Martin, Artist/Actor/Musician
This is actually John Jeffrey Martin but he has been called Jeff since he was a couple of weeks old and I say he is welcome to the club. He has acted on Broadway and his grandfather is Johnny Desmond.

Jeff Martin, Author
I learned about this humorous author from the wife of another Jeff Martin (also on the list). I also bought his book.

Jeff Martin, Composer, Rock Musician
This Jeff Martin has composed a few TV show themes as can be seen on this IMDB link. He also started the band called Idaho and is the site owner of which seems to be a collection of videos.

Jeff Martin, D&D Entrepreneur
This Jeff Martin is definately more involved in D&D than I ever was. Not only does he have this True Dungeon deal. There is the Dwarven Forge store. His name can be found on the "New to Us" page of Dwarven Forge.

Jeff Martin, Designer
Here is another site that looks pretty good. JeffMartin is in the domain name too. This Jeff lives and works in the Chicago area.

Jeff Martin, Musician
This Jeff Martin makes music. I he lives in Dublin, Ireland.

Jeff Martin, Photographer
Another domain owner, this Jeff Martin is a successful photographer. Well done site.

Jeff Martin, Photographer
Another photographer, Jeff send me an email letting me know he is also a biker and IT Guy. This site appears to be hosted on smugmug, but does have a bit about him in the About page.

Jeff Martin, Rock Musician
This may be the most well known Jeff Martin and he has several articles about him through out the net. I originally became aware of him when he was in the band called the Tea Party and I would get ICQ messages from people asking me if I was him.

Jeffrey Stuart Martin
Originally My first request to add a page! A website of the Blog of Jeffrey S. Martin, he has certainly done more blogging than I.

Jeffrey Martin, Photographer
This Jeffrey Martin lives in Prague, in the Czech Republic, but he was born in Chicago. He has lots of interesting pictures in his gallery.

Jeff Martin, Unemployment Insurance Expert
Jeffrey J Martin is a Unemployment Insurance expert who started a business to help other business's control costs.

Jeff Martin, Writer
Jeffrey Alexander Martin is a writer and English instructor from Michigan.  He teaches kids from China how to speak English.

Other Jeff Martin Pages

This group of pages are just pages I have found on the web that include a Jeff Martin on them.

Jeff Martin, Baseball Player
This seems to be a Christian site focused on sports. This Jeff Martin played for the Boston Red Sox.

Jeff Martin, Basketball player
Here is a statistics page about an american basketball player in France. (in French). Apparently he played in the NBA for the Lakers in 1990-91

Jeff Martin, College Football Coach
Jeff Martin is the assistant coach of quarterbacks for Drake University.

Jeff Martin, Encyclopedia Worthy
This goes to the Wikipedia disabiguation page for Jeff Martin. It includes several Jeff Martins that I already have listed here.

Jeff Martin, English Radio Fan
This site is by a Jeff Martin who seems interested in spreading some of the history of English music radio.

Jeff Martin, Entrepreneur
History of the Martin Brothers brand of salad dressings. Created by Jeff & Karl Martin. Apparently Aquired and now part of Brothers and Sisters Inc.

Jeff Martin, Graphic Designer
Flash site with many popup windows for a graphic designer, named Jeff Martin. This site doesn't look like it has been updated in about 10 years.

Jeff Martin, Magician
Here is a site for Jeff Martin who is a magician. Someone needs to work some magic on this website.

Jeff Martin, Professor
This Jeff Martin is an Associate Professor at Wayne State University, teaching Kinesiology, Health and Sport Studies.

Jeff Martin, Property Maintenance
Here is a property maintenance company in Australia (a large one by the looks of the picture on the home page) that was founded by someone of my (our) name.

Jeff Martin, Radio Personality
A radio personality in South Florida who also does traffic and weather. Although he requested to be on the list, the original link changed and I had to refind him. If he wants to be moved to the top list, he will have to re-email me.

Jeff Martin, Real Estate Agent
This is another company site with a Jeff Martin working for them.

Jeff Martin, Robot Tech
This is a member of a robot club. Neat.

Jeff Martin, Rock Musician (RacerX)
This seems to be a rock fan site. The Jeff Martin in question is or was in the band, RacerX.

Jeff Martin, Scrabble Player
Here is a player page from a the Scrabble Association for the 2005 tournament. Jeff is apparently ranked #6 in New Mexico, impressive. This is definately not me, I hate scrabble, although I played it for a while on Facebook.

Jeff Martin, Specialty Advertising
Here is a Jeff Martin that markets swag!

Jeff Martin, Works in TV or Movies
This link goes to IMDB and lists all the Jeff Martin's with a record there.

Jeffrey Alan Martin's family website
Little more than a picture and a few links.

Jeff Martin, Lawyer
Here is a lawyer Jeffrey Martin working in New England area.

Jeffrey Martin, Lawyer
I guess if I was a lawyer, I might go by Jeffrey Martin as well. At least he works for good and not evil.

Jeffrey Martin, Searching for Ancestors
Here is a Jeffrey Martin searching for his ancestors... maybe some of our ancestors too.