Extracurricular Activites

Gwen and Garret both were participating in some extracurricular activities this year.  Gwen was interested in cheerleading and she had two friends that were going to a class put on by Young Champions of America. This video was her final showcase of the semester.  The next day she went to a cheerleading competition where her team took second place in state for YCA for Jr. Varsity Small group.  Photos of that event will be available on my Flickr account.


Gwen's Pom and Cheer Semester Showcase from Jeff Martin on Vimeo.

While this competition was going on, Garret was playing in the last game of the season in soccer.   He had been playing for several weeks with a team called the Red Dragons.  This was a non-competitive league run by the City of Peoria.  Garret showed himself to do pretty well in the goalie position and while there aren't any permanent positions on this team, Garret played goalie for half the game.

Garret's Last Soccer Game of the Season from Jeff Martin on Vimeo.

But now its summer and its hot.  The kids will be starting swim classes later this month.