New Beginnings

Today was the start of some new stuff.  I started my new class at University of Phoenix.   Its pretty interesting so far.  I don't want to talk specifics too much but I am interested in it and hope it will be of some benefit for me.

I also woke up this morning at around 5, managed to drag myself out of bed and run around the block a couple of times.  Going around my block is just about exactly one half mile so I ran/walked a mile.  It took me about 18 minutes which obviously isn't great, but its a start and I plan on running about that long every morning, ramping up the distance as I get faster.   I asked Leslie to join me but its unclear if that will happen.  I also learned that taking a shower directly after running is kind of useless as I will continue to sweat after I get out of the shower.  So I will need to cool down a bit first tomorrow.  I also want to take advantage of all these new beginnings and changes of schedule to start fighting more.  I fought this weekend at the Highlands War, but it was the first time in a few months.