Squarespace featured on High Scalability Blog

The High Scalability Blog featured Squarespace recently and it was interesting overview of some of the technology that my site runs on.  I have to admit that I feel a bit guilty not running on Dotnetnuke or another Microsoft platform but I do like the ease of use of Squarespace.    I encountered Squarespace much the same way that Todd @ High Scalability did, through advertising on Twit.TV.  

My main wish is that Squarespace was a bit more extensible.  I'd like to add my own modules.  I'd probably even plug through Java to do it if I had to.  I'd really like to overhaul the Kingdom of Atenveldt Order of Precedence and put it on a platform that runs fast and is consistantly reliable.  This weekend I plan on spending some time on the site, upgrading to the latest version of DNN and maybe working on the skin a bit.  I have had a couple of designers show interest in helping me make a skin but nothing has ever come through with it. Maybe I can bring some more life back to the DNN based Atenveldt site with a bit of TLC. (tender loving care, not the learning channel... )