Podcast List - November, 2011

My father just visited and wondered where I got the podcasts I listened to in the car.  I explained that I use DoggCatcher, an app on Android to download them directly from RSS feeds, but that with his iPhone, he should be able to get most of them via iTunes.

Below are a list of my favorite podcasts.   I am posting them in the order that Doggcatcher lists them.  I generally get in the car, tap the top one, NPR news and then continue to listen.  This generally is like my own private radio station, with pause.  I pick up on the story I was listening to where I left it.

Jeff's Podcasts, November, 2011

Podcast Pro/ Am Network/ Web Page Topic Length
Freq. Comment
NPR: Hourly News Summary Podcast Pro NPR/PRI News 5-7  Hourly  
NPR Topics: Story of the Day Podcast Pro NPR/PRI News 10  Daily  
Sonnetoptics: The lions Road Am   SCA 30-60  occasional on hiatus
NPR: Planet Money Podcast Pro NPR/PRI Economics 15-25  2-3 per week  
Stack Exchange Am Self Tech / Programming / Community Building 60  weekly chatty
This Week In Google Pro TWiT Tech, Cloud 60  weekly  
Freakonomics Radio Pro self Economics 20-30 ? weekly  
this WEEK in TECH - MP3 Edition Pro TWiT Tech 120  weekly chatty
Current Geek Proish Frogpants /TWiT Geeky 5-7  weekly  
Judge John Hodgman Pro Max Fun Entertainment 20-30  weekly  
On the Media Pro NPR/PRI* News Media 60  weekly  
WNYC's Radiolab Pro NPR/PRI* Science 15 or 60  occasional  
This Developer's Life Am self Programming 60  occasional  
This American Life Pro NPR/PRI* Stories 60  weekly  
Back to Work Pro 5by5 Motivation/ Life Hacks 60  weekly chatty
The Moth Podcast Pro NPR/PRI* Stories 15-45  2/week ?  
NPR Topics: Technology Podcast Pro NPR/PRI Tech News 60  weekly  
Real Time with Bill Maher (mp3) Pro HBO News Opinion 60  weekly poor audio
Pennsic Independent Podcast Am Self SCA 30-60  occasional  
Chivalry Today Am Self SCAish 30-60  occasional  
Stuff You Should Know Pro Discovery Science/ Information 20-45  2/week  
All About Android Pro TWiT Tech / Android 60  weekly  
NPR Programs: Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! Podcast Pro NPR/PRI News Quiz Comedy 60  weekly  

* A public radio station in some form... link takes you to website...

There are many more on my list but I rarely make it to them in a week.  With the change in driving that I have recently had - I doubt I will make it this far down the list on a regular basis.