Squarespace featured on High Scalability Blog

The High Scalability Blog featured Squarespace recently and it was interesting overview of some of the technology that my site runs on.  I have to admit that I feel a bit guilty not running on Dotnetnuke or another Microsoft platform but I do like the ease of use of Squarespace.    I encountered Squarespace much the same way that Todd @ High Scalability did, through advertising on Twit.TV.  

My main wish is that Squarespace was a bit more extensible.  I'd like to add my own modules.  I'd probably even plug through Java to do it if I had to.  I'd really like to overhaul the Kingdom of Atenveldt Order of Precedence and put it on a platform that runs fast and is consistantly reliable.  This weekend I plan on spending some time on the site, upgrading to the latest version of DNN and maybe working on the skin a bit.  I have had a couple of designers show interest in helping me make a skin but nothing has ever come through with it. Maybe I can bring some more life back to the DNN based Atenveldt site with a bit of TLC. (tender loving care, not the learning channel... )


SquareSpace tip - Google WebMaster tools

With the google webmaster tools, you have to upload a html file with a specific name (looks like a Guid) to enable your ability to use the provided tools with your site.

Using the URL Shortcuts under web management, you can just put the file name in the shortcut URL and point it to anything in your site that resolves (/journal).  This will convince google that the file is there and that you can use the tools.

A new jeffmartin.com

Welcome to my new site.  It is hosted at Squarespace which I have really enjoyed working on.    It would be nice if there would be a revamp of Dot Net Nuke that would be as nice as this is to work on.

I decided it was time to get a new site.  My old one was kinda slow and lacked a lot of the information that I really wanted to put into my website.   This should have a nice blog and continue to grow and be a pleasure to work in. I plan on writing blog entries both on technology and the SCA, as well as any other journalling that I'd like to do.

I am very open to comments and interested in who comes here and what they think.