Today is my 40th Birthday.

Technically, its the 40th Anniversary of my birthday.  I figured I should write something down today so when I am reminiscing 80 years from now, I will remember how it felt to be so young.   If you aren't my future self reading this, well maybe it will give you a bit of insight into my life.  If you aren't interested in that, why are you here on my site? 

So, future Jeff, here's what's going on in my life:

I have been watching my calorie intake (food) and output (exercise) pretty consistently since August 27th.  I have lost around 10 lbs and am still going for 40-50 more.  (That's about 18- 22 kg more,  which I can only hope would be the normal way of measuring weight and mass 80 years from now).

I still love my android (made by a company called Google, remember them? ) phone about 10 months after getting the first model produced with that phone OS.  There is currently a bug in Google calendar that won't let me save events to my alternate calendars from the phone.  This bugs me.  Hopefully if the robot apocalypse was avoided, then computers are much smarter at helping us get through and organize our lives.  

Garret turns 10 tomorrow.  He will have a birthday party at Peter Piper Pizza on Sunday.  He has invited his fourth grade class to join him.  He is still learning to focus his attention on one thing at a time and hopefully has not only mastered this ability by the time you are reading this, but has excelled into the great man I know he will be one day.  

Gwen (and Garret and I) has just gotten over a cold and is back in school.  She is such an awesome little girl, bright and cheerful. I can't wait to see what she does with her sparkling personality and intelligence.

Leslie is still getting in to her new job. She is very excited about it and seems to love the new challenges it brings.  They seem to appreciate the work she does and that makes her happy.  I appreciate all the work she does with the kids and with me.

I have been walking since August, nearly every day and now some of my friends are encouraging me to sign up for a half marathon.  I have certainly walked just about that distance before during road marches in the army. Specifically the expert infantryman's test was 12 miles that had to be done in 3 hours with a "full" rucksack and uniform.  It seems like walking 13.3 miles in shorts, t-shirt and running/walking shoes should be no issue.

I'm still active in the SCA and still the Atenveldt Web Minister.  We just implemented a ticket system for helping us out with the tasks associated with that.  I need to enter in some of the old emails that are waiting for attention to the ticket system.  I am hoping someone will show some interest in taking this job over from me so I can spend some time exploring other things in the SCA.

This weekend I am going to a tournament to help out Master Yehudah's (Larry Baum's) family after his untimely death last month. I'm sure everything will work out well there.

Thats pretty much the news from here, on my 40th birthday.